Monthly bulletins for central government finances

Since the January 2021 publication, the monthly bulletins for central government finances have been transferred to this website using the Power BI reporting tool. There may be minor differences in the data of the reference years, which will be updated in connection with the publication of monthly bulletins.Only the latest monthly bulletin for central government finances is published as a Power BI report. Previous monthly bulletins can be found as PDF files here: Monthly bulletins for previous periods.

This bulletin reports the realisation of the state budget, and the state income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and cash flow.

The state has a legal accounting obligation for its budgetary funding per accounting unit. The accounting units  include the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland, the ministries, and offices, organisations, and other institutions that function as operationally and financially expedient entities. The accounting units and state treasuries outside the budget shall deliver their accounting information to central accounting monthly. The  information for the bulletin is produced from the central accounting database. The economic concepts that are used by Statistics Finland for their reports are not used in these reports.

Pages 1 to 5 in this bulletin describe the on-budget entities. Tables 1 and 2 present information from budget  accounting, meaning that the profit and costs are presented using concepts and terms from the budget. The data in pages 3 to 5 are produced from business accounting and are presented using business accounting concepts.

The income and expenses as well as receivables and debts between the offices and organisations are eliminated in the State income and expense account (page 3) and the central government balance sheet (page 5). The  eliminated items are deducted from the respective calculation rows.

Pages 6 to 9 describe the Central Government Finances, referring to the financial complex consisting of the
on-budget entities and the treasury finances outside the budget. The transactions, receivables, and debts  between the on-budget entities and treasury finances have been eliminated in the tables. The data in the tables are produced from the business accounting data and are presented using business accounting concepts.

The financial statement of the Central Government Finances is presented as a funds statement. More detailed
interpretation instructions for the funds statement can be found on the State Treasury website along with time  series related to the data in the funds statement and the publication schedule for the Central Government  Finances monthly bulletin.

For more information on the monthly bulletin, please contact Central Accounting, tel. +358 295 50 2000, or e-mail