On-budget entities

In the reports, balance of on-budget entities and revenue of on-budget entities are produced using budget accounting (revenue and expenditure are presented using budget concepts). State income and expense account, including income and expenses from payment transfers and state balance sheet, are based on business accounting and they are presented using business accounting terms. Internal items have been eliminated from state income and expense account and state balance sheet. Internal items are eliminated from the respective calculation rows.


  • On-budget entities contain

    This section includes Power BI reports and charts:

    Balance of on-budget entities (report)
    Revenue and expenditure of on-budget entities (chart)
    Surplus/deficit of on-budget entities (chart)
    Revenue of on-budget entities (report)
    Revenue of on-budget entities (chart)
    State income and expense account (report)
    Income and expenses from payment transfers (report)
    Expenses from payment transfers (chart)
    State balance sheet :
    State balance sheet, assets (report)
    State balance sheet, liabilities (report)

Click the links below to see the Power BI reports and charts of on-budget entities.