Quarterly reporting by municipalities

From 2021 onwards, municipalities will report their actual financial performance data for the current year to the State Treasury quarterly. This section will contain the following parts of quarterly reporting: reports on the balances of the balances of each individual municipality’s profit and loss account, a map showing the key figures in the profit and loss account relative to the number of residents and a comparison report on the municipalities’ profit and loss accounts and their subpages. In addition to these, there are separate reports on the external investments of an individual municipality, a map of the external investments in relation to the population, and a comparison report on the external investments by municipalities.

There are separate reports on the data in the municipalities’ balance sheets for individual municipalities, a map view in relation to the population and a comparison report on the balance sheet accounts.

The report below allows you to view the balance of the profit and loss accounts for a municipality of your choice. You can select from the report whether you want to view the profit and loss account’s revenue or expenses. View data in table format on the second tab of the report.