Information on government finances in other services

The Ministry of Finance maintains an online service in which you can examine the central government’s budget information for each year and the budget preparation process. (in finnish)

Government acquisitions can be explored in more detail in the service maintained by Hansel Oy.

The State Treasury manages Finland’s central government debt and related tasks. More details on debt management and statistics are available on the government debt website.

treasury finland

The State Treasury manages and maintains the chart of accounts for central government. The State Treasury also maintains a schedule of budget accounts. Both are available on the State Treasury Stipulations and instructions website.

State Treasury’s stipulations and instructions

The State Treasury has also begun to publish a chart of accounts for commercial accounting as a Power BI report. The report is available on the State Treasury website.

Government chart of accounts as a Power BI report (in finnish)

The government chart of accounts and economic information is also available through the open interface.

The govenment chart of accounts and financial information in the State Treasury’s API service (in Finnish)