On-budget entities

The state’s financial data is based on the information provided by the state’s central accounting. The information is updated on a monthly basis.

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In the report below, you can view the annual appropriations and their use for the entire central government and for specific administrative branches or accounting units. The report provides information for each year starting from 2013. The report features three tabs that list the same details from different points of view. The first tab presents the central government’s budgetary expenditures as a whole. In the drop-down menu, you can select the year and main title you would like to view. By default, the report contains the information for the latest available year and all the main titles in total. The top right corner of the report indicates the latest month included in the report. The reference information for the previous year always represents the entire year. The second tab Specifications of state budget expenses presents the budget and accumulation details by item. On the third tab State budget expenses by accounting unit, you can view the total budget and net accumulation by item for your desired accounting unit. On these two tabs, you can also examine the per-month accumulations for the selected year by clicking the Net accumulation per month.

NOTE! To display any possible subdivisions of an item, click the + sign at the beginning of the table row.

Unfortunately, the report is currently only available in Finnish.

In the report below, you can view the central government’s on-budget finances at the state level and by administrative branch or accounting unit. The operating principles for the budget correspond to the budget expense report above.

Unfortunately, the report is currently only available in Finnish.