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Welcome to find out more about the central government’s finances! We have compiled a comprehensive selection of financial reports for you, in which the state’s finances are examined from different perspectives.

Central government accounting consists of on-budget entities and off-budget finances:

  • The on-budget entities rely on a budget adopted by the Finnish Parliament for one year at a time and supplementary budgets adopted during the year as necessary. Some of the reports are based on budget accounting and others on commercial accounting data. The budget accounting reports show the amounts budgeted for different purposes, or the appropriations at the ministries’ disposal and the central government’s revenue. The data obtained from commercial accounting are more apt to serve the management of a government agency (showing, for instance, what the personnel costs are and how much has been spent on rents and office expenses etc.). The Information on government finances in other services section has links to the charts of accounts for budget and commercial accounting.
  • The off-budget finances include the central government’s on-budget funds, other central government funds and government off-budget funds, which are also part of government finances. The accounts of the off-budget funds only include commercial accounting.

The Monthly review for central government finances contains a large selection of reports on the budget and government finances as well as an analysis of the central government’s finances produced on their basis. Our publications also include annual final central government accounts covering the on-budget entities.

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