Monthly review for central government finances

The review contains reports on the implementation of the Budget, and state income and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flow. The information is based on the accounting data supplied by accounting units and off-budget entities and maintained by the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR in the Kieku system and from which the information is made available to consolidated accounting. The concepts of national accounts that are used by Statistics Finland in its reports are not used.

For the Power BI reports and charts of the monthly review, see the other subsites of this section. The subsites are displayed in the menu and as a page list at the bottom of this page.

The review is gradually renewed

The reform expands the information resource to create a service that is more accessible and easier to use. The sub-pages of the monthly review present the budget and central government finances as separate sets of reports. Changes have been made in the contents of the funds statement for central government finances and balance of central government finances, which are presented in accordance with a more detailed elimination procedure. Time series that are produced in connection with the review and data for Statistics Finland’s time series database Astika based on both the cash flow analysis are published in the section Central government. In addition, in the section Analysis of monthly review for central government finances, information on the most important events in central government finances is published a few times a year.

For more information about the monthly review, please contact Central Accounting, tel. +358 295 50 2000, or email to
kkp (at)

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