Personnel information

The government personnel data is based on the information contained by the employer’s personnel data system Tahti. This is a statistical register for the employer, which adheres to the relevant ethical principles and does not report personal details. For this reason, the report does not display values smaller than three. The figures are updated on a monthly basis.

In the report below, you can, within the scope of the central government’s on-budget finances, view personnel numbers, person years, age and gender distribution of personnel, and information on whether or not certain persons are employed for a fixed term or permanently and full-time or part-time for the entire central government or choose the desired administrative branch, accounting unit, performance-managed agency or employer agency.

Unfortunately, the report is currently only available in Finnish.

The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR Palkeet is responsible for all details in the ‘Personnel information’ section, with the exception of the central government’s personnel report.

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Reporting/Tahti service