Profitability information

Central government’s planning and monitoring in document form

The planning and monitoring of the operations and finances of government agencies and institutions, and the pertinent guidance, are primarily detailed in document form. Documents are prepared and published on the key issues in operational and financial planning, performance management, budgeting and reporting, according to the regulations and guidelines of the Government, Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury.

In the context of the central government’s performance management, the most important plans are the goals of the administrative branches, the performance agreements made between the agencies and institutions within the relevant administrative branch, and the government budget approved by the Parliament. The most essential monitoring information is provided in the financial statement and particularly the included annual report describing the profitability and development of the operations and their impact on the development of social influence, as well as the ministry’s views on the accounting unit’s financial statement. Profitability information covers the performance targets of the administrative branches and agencies, as well as their realisations. The information is maintained by the performance-managed agencies.

According to Section 12 a of the State Budget Act (423/1988), accounting units include the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland, the ministries, and offices, organisations and other institutions that function as operationally and financially expedient entities. Offices and organisations included in the accounting unit can also be called performance-managed agencies. Separate performance targets on operations and finances can be defined for performance-managed agencies.

The State Treasury’s regulation on the publication of planning and monitoring documents as well as productivity data in the government reporting service