Operational economy of municipalities by function

This report compiles the expenditure of the operational economy of municipalities by function. The report allows you to view the expenditure of the operational economy by municipality; you can also use menus to define multiple municipalities you want to view on the report based on region, size class or demographic change categories. You can make multiple selections at the same time to update the report according to all selected criteria.

Note! When selecting definitions for the report, note the logic between the function and the age class menu. For example, if you want to review the costs of pre-primary education per person in the pre-primary education age class, you must also select those in the pre-primary education age class from the age class menu. The total operating expenses per function EUR per resident graph always makes calculations based on the population of the selected age class.

Note! By default, Åland has been excluded from the report with a filter. It can be included by selecting it on the menu.