The state of municipal finances

The report allows you to review the financial situation of the municipalities, municipal enterprise groups and groups of municipalities that you have selected. You can view municipalities one by one by selecting a single municipality on the menu, or you can select several municipalities based on e.g. region, size or demographic change. Use the Year menu (“Vuosi”) to select the year whose financial statement information you wish to view. You can also select whether to view the figures at the group level or at the municipal level.

At the bottom of the report, you can find the values of the individual municipal indicators you have selected. All key figures included in the final accounts can be found in the indicator menu. The bottom image of the report compares the differences between the municipality and its enterprise group in regards to the selected indicators.

Note! By default, Åland and Helsinki have been excluded from the report with a filter. If you wish, you can include them by selecting them on the menus.