The central government’s premises data is based on data compiled by the information service of Senate Properties’ Space Management for Administration’s (SMA) service. SMA is a joint facility management tool for the government community. It has an up-to-date information platform for directing, planning and making decisions about facility management.

You can use the report below to examine the central government’s use of space and associated costs as a whole, by administrative branch or by accounting unit. You can also examine the use of space by purpose of use. The report has three tabs, which you can switch between using the buttons in the upper right-hand corner. The first tab is an overall summary, the second tab provides more detailed premises cost data and the third tab provides summarising information related to the use of space and rental agreements.

The report includes data from 2017 onwards. New results are published biannually.

Unfortunately, the report is currently only available in Finnish.

All information in the Premises section is provided by Senate Properties.

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