Population structure of municipalities

The report on the population structure of municipalities is divided into four tabs, which can be selected from the right side of the top bar by Population, Population by age class, Dependency ratio and Migration. The first two tabs allow you to review the population’s age distribution and demographic change. The Dependency ratio tab allows you to review the demographic dependency ratio of municipalities and its development over time. The Migration tab shows the demographic change in municipalities and its development over time.

The report allows you to review data by year; you can also select to review data by municipality or various municipalities according to region, municipality size class or demographic change categories. You can use several selection criteria at the same time to filter results. In addition, you can define the age range of the population that you want to view on the first tab using the age class menu. At the bottom of the report, you can view the demographic change over a selected period of time.

The population by age class tab allows you to define the age class or age classes and the period you want to review in addition to selections on the year, municipality, region, size class and demographic change categories you have selected. You can always select more than one item from the same menu by holding down the Ctrl key while you click them.

Note: By default, Åland has been excluded from the report with a filter. It can be included by selecting it on the menu.