Municipal finances

The municipal financial information is based on the data provided to the State Treasury’s Municipal Financial Information Service by the municipalities themselves. The municipal budget and financial plan information will be provided to the State Treasury on an annual basis. The report package provided each year includes information on four years: the previous year, the following year (i.e. the budget year) and the following two years covered by the financial plans.

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The above report can be used to view the budget year information of individual municipalities. Through the drop-down menu, you can select the municipality and reporting period of the report. By default, the report shows the final budget information. If preliminary or approved details that have not been finalised are available, they can be viewed by selecting them in the ‘Documentation status’ menu. All information provided during the reporting period can be found in the table on the second tab of the report.

Reporting period 2020
Preparation period budget 202x-1 = 2019
Budget 202x =  2020
Financial plan 202x+1 = 2021
Financial plan 202x+2 = 2022
Help for interpreting the content and vocabulary is provided in the section on the ABCs of municipal finances
  • Comparison of municipal budgets

    The comparison report for municipal budgets can be used to view information on the budget years of several municipalities side by side. You can select the desired municipalities in the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu can be used to select the desired reporting period, while the other menu is for indicating the desired year within the reporting period in question.

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    To proportion the figures of the selected municipalities to the population, click the button in the upper right corner of the report.


  • Municipal budgets by region

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    By default, the region-specific report displays totals of the budget information of all Finnish municipalities. Within the report, you can select the desired reporting period for viewing. You can use the Region menu to select the region that contains the municipalities on which you would like to view budget information. The second report tab provides a table of total or municipality-specific budget and financial plan information for the municipalities in the selected region.

    The third tab contains visual representations of the key figures for the municipalities in the selected region: minimum, maximum, average, median, lower quartile and upper quartile.

  • Key figures of municipal finances on the map in proportion to population

    In the right edge of the map view, you can select which municipal key figure to display. All key figures are proportioned to the relevant municipality’s population to ensure their comparability. Use the menu to select the reporting period and the year belonging to the reporting period for viewing.

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