Status of financial reporting by municipalities and joint municipal authorities

The report below shows which municipalities and joint municipal authorities have provided their information to the State Treasury’s Municipal Financial Information Services. Use the drop-down menu on the report to select the time period, the reporting package and the municipality or joint municipal authority that you wish to examine. The Organization Type menu allows you to select whether you wish to view municipalities or joint municipal authorities. For the time being, municipalities have only been obliged to submit data to the Municipal Financial Information Service on the 2020 Budget package (KTAS) which means that it is currently the only selection available on the menu. The Material Status menu allows you to see which municipalities or joint municipal authorities have either not submitted their data (not reported), which have submitted their data but have not yet approved it (pending), and which have both submitted and approved the material in the Municipal Information Service’s Approval service (approved).

Note! The map does not show joint municipal authorities as joint municipal authorities cannot be placed on the map. However, they have provided data which can be seen on the table and bar graph.