According to Senate Properties’ report on the central government’s space utilisation and premises costs, the central government’s average office space efficiency was 20.1 square metres per person year in 2019. As regards office premises, space efficiency improved significantly more than in previous years (- 9.5%).

    The Government Premises Strategy has set a space efficiency target of 18 m2/FTE for existing office premises and 15 m2/FTE for new buildings.

    The Government Premises Strategy is aimed at ensuring that premises support effective performance and are cost-efficient. All facilities and premises in use are designed with health and safety as well as the government’s overall benefit and social and environmental responsibility in mind. The objective is to implement new working methods that improve the performance of the organisation and a new approach to working environments throughout central government.

    Data maintained by Senate Properties on the central government’s premises use and costs can now be accessed in the form of easy-to-read visual reports on the Exploreadministration.fi service.

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