Status of the financial reporting of municipalities and joint municipal authorities

In the report below, you can view which municipalities and joint municipal authorities have submitted their information into the State Treasury’s Municipal Financial Information Service. In the drop-down menu, you can select the period, reporting view and the municipality or joint municipal authority to be displayed. In the organisation type menu, you can select whether to view municipalities or joint municipal authorities. For the present, information has only been required for the 2020 reporting entity for the municipal budget and financial plan (KTAS), which is why the menus provide no other options. In the ‘Documentation status’ menu, you can view which municipalities or joint municipal authorities have not submitted their information (not reported), which have submitted their information but are yet to approve them (waiting) and which have also approved the submitted materials through the municipal information service (approved). NOTE! The map of Finland has no entries for joint municipal authorities because they cannot be placed on the map. However, relevant information has been provided, as can be seen in the table and bar graph.