The State Treasury’s Municipal Financial Information Service will be progressing to the production phase in January 2020.

Starting from the beginning of 2021, the State Treasury will assume responsibility for collecting financial information from municipalities. Until then, this will be done by Statistics Finland. As the first step in this extensive process, the State Treasury will begin collecting budgetary and planning information from municipalities from the start of 2020.

Municipalities, joint municipal authorities, unincorporated municipal enterprises and other balance sheet units generate such financial information. The State Treasury’s tasks also include maintaining registers of municipal financial information and issuing relevant reports. The goal of the new information service is to promote the collection, storage and reporting of financial information on municipalities so that this financial information is as current and comparable as possible, and openly available to all.

The information will become available on the service as municipalities and joint municipal authorities approve the sent information for reporting. The deadline for providing the information is mid-January 2020.

The State Treasury website provides more details on the Municipal Financial Information Service and the development project, which is part of the wider Kuntatieto (Municipal Data) programme. Municipal Financial Information Service on the State Treasury website