Changes to the API service of

The API service of ( is set to change. The API service will be transferred to a new portal that will include every API maintained by the State Treasury. The service provides information on various topics, such as the central government’s finances, personnel and activities, as well as municipal finances. These changes will be implemented on Thursday, 7 April 2022. As a result of this process, the API service will be unavailable on 7 April 2022 between 9.00am and 3.00pm. The address of the API service,, will remain the same, but some changes will be made to the ways in which the APIs are accessed and utilised. These include the following:

API versioning

In the future, all APIs published in the API service will be versioned for any changes that could potentially break certain functionalities. Customers will be provided with version-specific transitional periods, during which the old version will remain available for use.

As a result of the versioning process, each API call address will include the API’s version number. In addition, all call addresses will be spelled using non-capital letters.

New call addresses

For example, the call address:
will be changed to the following:

Changes to the Valtion talous (Central government finances) API

The following interfaces will be removed from the Valtion talous API and transferred to the new Tilikartta (Chart of accounts) API:

  • Liikekirjanpitotilit (commercial accounting accounts)
  • Tililajit (account types)
  • Tililuokat (account categories)
  • Tiliryhmat (account groups)
  • Ylatiliryhmat (master account groups)

Contact information for API data contents

In the future, every API will include a contact address for any API data content-related inquiries.

Improvements to documentation

The documentation of APIs has been improved, especially in relation to the data returned by APIs.