As schoolchildren are starting their well-earned summer holiday, it is appropriate to take a look at schools in the series ‘monthly figure’.

    In 2019, there were 14 comprehensive schools in Finland that had more than 1,000 pupils. There were 11 municipalities with such schools.

    This and many other pieces of information are available in our new report on the education sector. The report presents cost and participation data on early childhood education and care, pre-primary education and basic education.

    Examine the report on the municipal education sector (in Finnish) >

    The monitoring service on municipalities provides comprehensive information on Finland’s local government

    The service monitoring development trends in Finnish municipalities provides information on

    • municipal finances
    • regional economy
    • municipalities in crisis
    • municipal personnel
    • population structure
    • health and social services
    • central government transfers
    • taxes
    • education services

    The reports have been compiled using a variety of open data sources. For example, the report on education services is based on the information supplied by Statistics Finland, Kela and Sotkanet.

    The contents of the reports have been defined in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, and their technical implementation and maintenance is the responsibility of the State Treasury.